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Groupon Deals, Discount Dental Plans and Other Ways to Save Money on Dental Care

Medical Study Participation

Several organizations and universities frequently hold dental research studies to further their knowledge of effective treatment methods to current oral aliments. These clinical trials are often held to test and develop the quality of a new drug which requires the help of volunteers. Participating in these clinical trials and medical studies is a sure fire way to receive free dental care like cleanings, fillings, and extractions.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the care you will receive is highly dependent on the current field being research and studied. Therefore it is extremely smart to find a clinical trial that meets the requirements of your current oral aliment. To find a list of clinical trials and studies presently in your area please visit The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Visit Free/Low Cost Dental Practitioners

Several dentists will provide services to those who do not currently possess dental insurance. Just keep in mind that your pricing will be completely different from those who do have dental insurance. If you are lucky, your dentist operates his pricing schedule on a sliding scale which means that he will set his prices in accordance to your income level. To find a dentist that operates on a sliding scale you will need to contact your local United Way branch. United Way is a coalition of charitable organizations set out to improve the health of communities.

Another way to find dentists operating on a sliding scale is to contact your local ADA (American Dental Association) by phone or website. However, keep in mind that the ADA does not rate their dentists on a quality scale as any dentist can join into this association. If all else fails and you can not find or afford a dentist currently operating on a sliding scale, make sure to visit a free medical clinic. They typically restrict their access to low income patients only but your oral health is worth visiting any dentist possible as tooth decay and rot have been found to contribute to a world of advanced health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

Utilize Online Coupons for Savings

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Check out daily deals websites in order to save a couple of bucks on dental care. These money saving sites will occasionally host a coupon or two on dental services like deep cleanings and cavity fillings. If you do not currently obtain dental insurance than these websites can prove to be life savings as they hold the potential to knock a dental bill down from one hundred dollars to seventy dollars.

One of the most popular daily deals sites is Groupon. There you can often find great promo offers for dental services. Of course, it's up to you to decide whether you prefer to take advantage of the deal or stay loyal to the dentist who already knows you and your teeth. Still, you should know that new dentists often promote their services via Groupon to attract new customers and are willing to offer huge discounts, such as 80% off the regular price of an exam and cleaning. For those with no dental insurance Groupon seems to offer an excellent opportunity to reduce the cost of annual visit to less than $50.

Before you buy the dental services through Groupon, try to get Groupon promo codes online so you could receive an extra discount., Slickdeals and others regularly feature Groupon promo codes that help consumers maximize their discounts.

Research Discount Dental Plans

Discount Dental Plans are a great way to score significant deals on dental care costs. For an annual premium, you can receive discounts between fifteen to sixty percent off of normal dental pricing when enrolled within these plans. The only kicker is that you do have to work with a dentist that presently accepts discount dental plans. To find a dentist in your a

rea who accepts a discount dental plan visit!

Service a Dental Student

Before a dental student can graduate and become licensed they must first perform hundreds of hours of time experience. Luckily, you can take advantage of these their dental services while they gain experience at a deeply discounted rate. Rest assured that every dental student practices under the close supervision of a licensed dental practitioner during each and every treatment/procedure. Contact your local ADA to find a dental school nearest you.

Ask for Available Discounts

Dentist understand that many people in this day and age are uninsured for a multitude of reasons. In order to gain a larger client base and not turn away too many willing customers, dentist are inclined to help the uninsured out with medical costs. Thus, be sure to inform your current dentist of your financial situation and try to negotiate an affordable price for services ahead of time. Your dentist will appreciate your upfront honesty and will be willing to work with you, especially during slow business periods.

Pay Upfront for a Deal

You would be surprised at how often paying upfront will earn you a considerable discount. Almost all dentists are will to drop their prices by five percent if patients are able and willing to pay in advance of their treatment/procedure.

Practice 'Dental Tourism'

While traveling to another country is an expense in its own - it may be worth it if it allows you to save money on an expensive treatment or procedure. Keep in mind that setting up a dental treatment/procedure in another country may be complicated but sometimes it is worth your while. Just be sure to consider the countries standards, regulations, and safety requirements prior to committing.

Barter Services

For those who possess a unique skill set, bartering may also be worth your while. Private practice dentists hold the ability to name their price or barter their services. If you can offer your dentist a service that will help him or her gain business exposure or efficiency then they may be inclined to barter service for care with you. Qualified accountants, graphic designers, marketing consultants, and/or web developers should all be exchanging their services for dental care. Visit a bartering website to find potential money saving opportunities.

Apply for a Job with Dental Benefits

While some companies may require that you work full time to receive dental benefits, there are alternative companies that have proven to be more flexible with their insurance awardment. It is a good idea to research companies looking to hire part time employees who will receive dental insurance benefits. Just make sure to work the minimum amount of hours required to receive an awesome awardment of benefits each month. Benefits can help more than you know!

Access Government Owned Resources

There are several governmental organizations interested in aiding low income/uninsured households in receiving excellent dental and medical attention. The HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) is one of those companies who have made it their mission to help uninsured citizens find the health care they need. Contact the HRSA to find listings of your local low cost dental providers. For parents looking to help their child receive dental care please contact CHIP Medicaid to enroll in the Children's Health Insurance Program. This program will help you pay for any and all medical/dental bills your child may acquire.

Always Obtain a Second Opinion

There may be a time when you can not save money on a required dental treatment or procedure. In this case it is best to seek a second opinion before committing to spend all of your hard earned cash. This rule especially applies in the case of major and expensive dental work. Second opinions on their own may save you money by enlightening you on procedures that may not be as crucial as you were originally lead to believe.

Nonprofit Organizations

There are numerous nonprofit organizations that consistently offer free dental care. Dentistry From The Heart is one of these great nonprofit organizations that frequently host events at which dentists are willing to donate their time, services, and equipment to providing dental care to those who can not otherwise afford it. Mission of Mercy is another nonprofit that offers no cost dental and medical care as well as free prescriptions. (Mission of Mercy only operates out of Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.)