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The Guide to -At Home- Teeth Whitening Products

Walking down the dental ilse can be quite overwhelming. There are almost too many options of toothbrushes, teeth whiteners, and flossing kits - where does one begin? Dental health is challenging on its own without these tough decisions. However, rest assured that we are here to help at least guide you through at home teeth whitening products. Luckily, there are a couple common traits among teeth whiteners and product variance depends on what results you would like to achieve.

There are two main types of at home teeth whitening products; professional tooth whitening kits, and over the counter whitening strips. Professional tooth whitening kits typically features two molding trays to fit onto each jaw (top & bottom) over your teeth, a few syringes of professional grade bleaching gel, and a smart storage case for all of your products/trays. Over the counter whitening strips on the other hand are a little more simple. Over the counter whitening strip products usually feature two key elements; whitening strips and detailed instructions. One thing to watch out for though within the over the counter whitening strips is, strip strength, it varies greatly!

How to Compare -At Home- Teeth Whitening Products

Choosing your at home teeth whitening products can be tricky because the type and strength you pick will depend upon your current oral state. A few factors you should consider when choosing your kit are your history of oral health, the current state of your teeth, and what results you would like to achieve. It is important to remember that whitening products will not work on veneers, caps, crowns, fillings and any other dental work in the like. Utilizing whiteners with prominent dental work has the possibility to make your teeth different colors. On top of these basic considerations there are further facts you should also know and understand about the products themselves before commiting to a certain brand or type of tooth whitener.

For starters, product strength varies greatly. The main product within teeth whiteners that achieves the white sheen is hydrogen peroxide. A good way to begin comparing products is to check out how much peroxide is in each product. The general rule with teeth whiteners is that the higher the level of peroxide, the quicker and more effective the product will be. However, higher levels of peroxide also mean greater tooth sensitivity. The only kicker to this method of comparison is that most products will not disclose their levels of hydrogen peroxide. If your main goal is to obtain professional level teeth whitening then look no further as Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects will be the answer to all your smile issues. Crest formulates their strips with enamel safe ingredients that have proven to remove up to fourteen years of staining. Dentist utilize the same exact formula that Crest has integrated into their strips. Plus, they are easy as heck to use - just apply once a day for thirty minutes for a total of twenty days. The results should last you an entire year.

Another factor to consider when choosing your at home teeth whitening product is daily application time. The daily application time will vary greatly between products! Whiteners can be placed on for as little as five minutes or as long as five hours per day. Choose a daily application time that will ultimately work well and be realistic to your lifestyle/daily schedule. This factor rolls into the next element to take into consideration - your commitment level. How committed are you to whitening your smile? Some products may ask you to be committed for a few weeks while others treatment plans may last only a couple of days. If committing to a full program is too difficult for you and your lifestyle then you may want to consider this combination of utilizing the Oral-B 3D White Luxe Pulsar Manual toothbrush and Crest 3D White Glamorous White toothpaste. This approach is extremely easy to work into your oral hygiene regime as brushing your teeth is apart of a regular healthy routine.

Price will also play a major role in choosing your at home teeth whitening kit. Before you even begin to shop around for a kit, it is best to set the price range you are willing to spend. If you are looking to save a buck then Crest 3D White Classic Vivid Whitestrips will be your best option as they are affordable and effective. ($30) If you need to go even lower than this price range then just switch your current toothpaste to a whitening version! Unfortunately, brand will also play a role in pricing. There are several brands that you already know, love, and trust that probably offer at-home whitening products. Choosing a brand that you already have confidence in can help you rest assured that your teeth are getting the best care possible. However, the more well known the brand may be - the higher the price may be as well.

The best possible way to begin any treatment plan for teeth whitening is to consult with your dental professional. Your dentist knows your teeth best and can offer you great advice and guidance as to which kit may work best for you! They hold knowledge about your teeth and whitening products that you might have never known before. Each and every smile is unique and different calling for special and quality care.

Which -At Home- Tooth Whitening Product is Best for Your Smile

All smiles are different! Those with sensitive teeth will utilize a different kit then those with no sensitivity at all. If your teeth are sensitive then you will want to utilize a mild dental whitening product that will gradually whiten your teeth gently over time. Crest 3D White Gentle Routine Whitestrips are a great product to use on sensitive teeth as they only call for a duration of five minutes a day for 28 days.

Those that already have white teeth but would like to keep up their look and prevent any yellowing will not have a problem utilizing either strips or kits as they will both work for you. A week's worth of whitening every couple of months is your best route of maintenance. However, if your smile contains tartar build up along with mild staining then you will want to use a stronger whitening product in combination with a tartar remover. Check out the Crest whitening product range for a combo that will work to whiten your smile and clean up your tooth health. Heavily stained teeth will need the highest level of dental whitening products that have proven results. Removing stains from coffee, tobacco, tea, and soda can be quite difficult and will need time/care to whiten. Make sure to have patience when whitening your teeth at home as it will work with effort and commitment!

Irregardless of which brand/style of at home tooth whitening products you choose, your whiter and brighter smile is sure to bring you more self confidence! At the end of the day, a teeth whitening product that may have worked great for your best friend may not work well on you and visa versa. This is okay because there will be a product out there that will get you the results you do so desire. Talk with your dental professional before beginning any whitening treatment plans as they will know your dental history and can advise you on which tooth whitening product will bring your smile to shine!