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The Best Teeth-Whitening Kits

Because of regular coffee and tea consumption brushing your teeth two times a day is not suffice to keep your pearls white. So many of us are looking for products that will whiten and freshen up our smiles. In this article you will find the reviews of the best teeth-whitening kits available at the market, plus we will try to figure out what ingredients those products contain and how they actually work.

Tooth enamel is a crystal with the structure that resembles the chicken wire (you can see this if you examine it under a powerful microscope). So removing stains in the tooth enamel is similar to removing dirt stuck in chicken wire. That is why many teeth-whitening kits contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (a diluted version of hydrogen peroxide) that causes that bubbling effect. Some manufacturers prefer using carbamide peroxide in their teeth whitening solutions because it's a rather stable compound that ensures product quality and consistency. In addition most whitening products have some ingredients that make the substance taste better.

By the way, dentists also use peroxide when they do professional whitening in their offices. But the professionals typically use the higher concentration of this active ingredient as they can ensure the gum tissue is protected and the whitening agent is applied right on the tooth enamel.

You can achieve comparable results using peroxide-based whiteners available in stores if you follow the manufacturer's instructions. However you had better avoid whitening products that contain hydrated silica that can damage tooth enamel and gum tissue.

If you have purchased a kit, you may use it for a week or up to 10 days, and then once every other week. Before you start using your teeth whitening kit we recommend visiting a dentist to check whether your mouth is healthy. Tooth whitening is not allowed if you have cavities or periodontal disease.

Once you have got your dentist's approval here are the best over-the-counter kits you can try to whiten your pearls.

#1 Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Kit, $44.99 (

We can say with confidence that teeth whitening strips have passed the test of time. Even though such products are not new on the market both professionals and regular users are still happy with the noticeable results. Dentists recommend Crest 3D White Whitestrips as when this teeth whitening system is used properly, it can deliver the effect similar to that of professional whitening.

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#2 Plus White 5 Minute Dental Whitening Kit, $11.49 (

If you prefer tray options, Plus White's 5 Minute Dental Whitening Kit is a good system to consider. In fact, tray systems cause very little tooth sensitivity, plus they are cheaper than the strips and are much easier to use.

#3 Dr. Collins All White 22% Bleaching System, $20.49 (

All dentists state that the strips or the trays work better than the pens. The prolonged contact of the whitening gel to the tooth ensures great results. Unfortunately all over-the-counter trays come in one size, so the looser ones may let more gel to seep out. If you can't opt for professional whitening at the dentist's office then those "boil-n-bite" trays seem to be your obvious choice. Just follow the instructions, and make sure the tray is cool enough when you put it in your mouth!

#4 Walgreens Extreme Whitening Wraps, $14.99 (

We mentioned above that strips or trays can keep the whitening agent against the teeth better than pens because to be effective the whitening substance should stay on the teeth without being washed off by saliva. If you failed to find trays that fit your mouth perfectly, consider using these wraps from Walgreens that fit great.

#5 Hager Pharma Mirawhite Oxygen Tooth Whitening Pen, $31.99 (

One of the reasons why whitening strips and trays are more popular that pens is that they are easier to use. The whitening pen is only effective when it is used right. If you can keep the teeth isolated and your mouth open with lips away from the teeth long enough for it to work then the pen can be an ideal solution for you.

#6 CVS Platinum Whitening Kit, $24.99 (

As a rule over-the-counter whitening kits contain from 10 to 35 percent carbamide peroxide (or up to 10 percent hydrogen peroxide). As we already know the higher the concentration of the active ingredients the more effective the whitening system is. This CVS whitening kit with 25 percent carbamide peroxide approaches the top of the permitted range. As the higher content of peroxide may result in higher chances of causing tooth sensitivity it is important that you use the product carefully. Never wear it longer than specified in the instructions.