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On we would like to provide as much information as possible about health issues in general and dental care in particular. We focus on oral hygiene and preventive methods that help keep your teeth clean and healthy. We address the most significant aspects of dental care, including all existing dental treatments, and work hard to learn as much information as possible about the field, the latest scientific developments and technical innovations in dentistry. We do our best to provide the readers with reliable information about the issues that interest them most.

There are only three reasons why people lose teeth - problems with teeth, gums and malocclusion.

We strongly believe that the best alternative to teeth treatment is the systematic dental care, it means that every single day you should practice dental hygiene.

An interesting fact to consider:

"In the U.S. and Canada, for example, the service of professional cleaning that should be done every half a year after the first permanent tooth appeared (6-7 years) is provided for more than 100 years and is meant for healthy patients."

Do you know that the health of your teeth and gums is responsible for not only your beautiful smile, but also for your good overall health?

Today, a beautiful smile and snow white teeth are associated with the image of a successful person with high social status. When we meet a person for the first time we always pay attention to his or her teeth when the person smiles. And we can't deny the fact that a beautiful smile helps make a good first impression, let alone attract a soul mate. In the days long gone people used to look at the teeth to determine the person's health, stamina and the ability to produce healthy offspring.

Today nothing has changed. Teeth are still believed to be connected with all human body and serve as a sort of indicator of a person's overall health. In its turn, poor dental care can cause many deceases that seem to have nothing to do with the mouth.

Expert tip - I. Lemberg, D.D.S (Doctor of Dental Surgery), the expert of Colgate Total:

"A neglect of simple hygiene rules and thoughtful dental care, unwillingness to spend time to chose the right toothpaste can spawn a risk factor that will have a fatal impact on your overall health. Make sure you use only the toothpastes that effectively suppress the vital functions of "cariogenic" bacteria. And, of course, it is important to use "the right" tooth brush."

So how to maintain dental hygiene, you may ask?

You will find the answer to this question on the pages of our site as well as learn about the best toothpastes currently on the market and what toothbrush (electric or disposable) works best. Now we want to recommend the most effective solution to all your dental problems - visiting a good dentist. It is important to find the dentist's office that looks soothing and where you will feel comfortable. After all, first, do not harm!

At the dentist's office you will have your teeth examined and the doctor will offer the appropriate treatment, if necessary, as well as give tips on dental care. Prevention is better than cure!

"The more you postpone seeing a dentist, the more expensive the treatment is going to be!"

Neglecting dental care is a big and expensive mistake! A tooth that aches a little from time to time can develop serious complications with sharp pain even in 2 or three months when not treated. And the cost of treatment you couldn't "afford" two months ago will increase at least thrice. What does this "dental equation" mean? It's cheaper to prevent a tooth ache or treat the tooth cavity at the early stage. This way you will optimize your dental costs and get a quality service at the cheap price.

Another important question our readers frequently ask is - "How to save money on dental care and why dental services are expensive?"

Rather paradoxically, the main factor that impacts the cost of service is, of course, the dentist. The services of qualified dentists can't be cheap. The prices they charge are so high because they invest in the latest technology and often borrow money to purchase the equipment needed. In addition, they participate in exhibitions and conferences to maintain high professional level. Finally, their skills and dexterity cost more.

"Don't look for the cheapest price! It is going to be more expensive in the long run."

Let's zero in the cost of dental care. You may say: "Why do you justify all those high dentist's fees? You had better say where we can get a fortune to pay for the dental services!" You will pay a fortune if you go to the dentist at the last moment. There is a direct relationship between the quality of the dental treatment and its cost. Although, some doctors may charge a lot of money for poorly made job.

Many dental clinics publish online concise price lists of services they offer. Look into the prices charged by several clinics to figure out the approximate cost of dental treatment and materials you need. Using this data a person even with a modest budget can plan his visit to the dentist.

The issue of health is probably the most important in our life. It is something that a person can improve to ensure a long and active life. Never postpone your visit to a doctor and try to do your best to stay healthy!