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Disposable Toothbrush VS Electric Toothbrush

Never underestimate the power of a good oral hygiene regimen. One little known fact is that your dental health is in direct relation to your body's overall wellbeing. In fact, gum disease is a major risk factor in developing serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Brushing regularly is key in keeping your teeth, gums, and body healthy. However, how does one know which toothbrush type is right for their teeth with the various collections of toothbrushes lining the dental isle of most retailers, specifically the differences between the powered or manual kinds.

Electric and Manual Toothbrushes

When choosing the right toothbrush to fit your needs there are certain characteristics to look for, regardless if you prefer powered or manual. Size is an extremely important factor to examine as your toothbrush should be able to easily access the entire surface area of each tooth. Adults should consider a ½ inch wide and 1 inch tall head. While there are larger toothbrush heads on the market, you may come to find that these heads are quite difficult to maneuver throughout your mouth, especially the hard to reach areas like the back of your molars. Additionally, this toothbrushes handle should have enough length to fit comfortably in your hand.

The next factor to consider is bristle variety. Every toothbrushes nylon bristles are labeled as either soft, medium, or hard whether powered or manual. The most common level of bristle hardness is soft as it is the safest and most comfortable choice. However, your bristles level of hardness with depend upon how vigorously you tend to brush your teeth as well as the strength of your teeth. Medium to hard bristles actually have the potential to damage your gums, tooth enamel, and root surface if utilized improperly. Selecting a toothbrush with rounded tips with further ensure tooth safety.

For the safest toothbrush recommendation ask your dentist! No one knows your teeth better than your dentist and he or she will surely recommend a toothbrush of quality, that has undergone several tests for safety and cleaning effectiveness. It is also a good idea to look for a toothbrush either powered or manual with the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of approval. The ADA seal of approval means that the toothbrushes bristle tips are safe, will withstand normal use, and effectively reduce the early stages of gum disease/plaque build up. In order for a toothbrush to acquire the ADA seal of approval it must undergo a series of safety tests provided by an independent lab. These clinical trials conclude if a toothbrush is safe for usage on teeth and mouth tissues as well as any dental hardware.

Once all of these characteristics have been considered it will be time to decide between utilizing either a powered or manual toothbrush. Either hold the potential to keep your gums healthy and reduce plaque buildup if they are properly and regularly used. With all of that being said, there are some major differences between manual and powered toothbrushes including cost, likability, effectiveness, and safety. Let's begin by discussing the cost variations amongst powered and manual toothbrushes. While electrically powered toothbrushes can be quite affordable, they will always cost more than the traditional manual toothbrush. Keep in mind that your replacement heads will cost more as well. However, there are studies that show utilizing an electric toothbrush has the potential to keep your gums healthier and teeth cleaner which may keep the cost of your dental bills lower, offsetting the amount you spend every other month on your electric toothbrush.

Likability will also play a factor in deciding which type of toothbrush works best for you. The incessant vibration of the electric toothbrush has shown to be quite hard for some people to get used too, while others have found that the electric toothbrush variety makes teeth cleaning much easier. Irregardless if you prefer a powered or manual toothbrush - you are more likely to brush for the dentist recommended allotment of time (2 minutes) if you enjoy utilizing your toothbrush. One advantage within an electric toothbrush is that some varieties include a built in timer that will signal you every thirty seconds until you have reached the full 2 minute time period.

Effectiveness should be one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing your toothbrush. Several scientific studies have been performed to conclude whether or not electrically powered toothbrushes are more effective at keep gums healthy and reducing plaque. Only one electrically powered toothbrush has since been scientifically proven to work significantly more effective than a manual toothbrush, the Oscillation electric toothbrush. The Oscillation toothbrush features bristles that perform round and round as well as back and forth motions whilst brushing.

Toothbrush safety ultimately depends on how the user brushes in addition to an ADA seal of approval. Thus, if you brush too vigorously soft bristles will aid in keeping your gums clean with gentle motions while if you brush too softly, hard bristles will aid in keeping your gums clean by adequately adjusting your brushing level. A few studies have shown that utilizing an electrically powered toothbrush could potentially increase the amount of bacteria released into your bloodstream. This should not pose as a threat to healthy people but could harm those with weak immune systems and certain heart conditions. However, there is not enough evidence to conclude if this factor should be an actual cause for concern. Make sure to consult your dentist before switching out your current toothbrush.