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10 Tips for Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Supplies

#10 Brush Regularly

One of the easiest ways for you to maintain good oral hygiene is to brush regularly with a good technique. Your toothbrush bristles should always maintain a forty five degree angle close to your gum line. Toothbrush bristles should also be regularly in contact with both your teeth and gums for overall oral health. A gentle back and forth, up and down motion should be utilized when brushing to avoid gum bleeding. Additionally, it is best to always brush the outside, inside, roof of your mouth, and tongue each time you brush your teeth to ensure that all bacteria has been removed! Brushing need to be performed twice a day to keep acid buildup at bay.

#9 Flossing

Too many people underestimate the power of flossing. While flossing is typically viewed as a chore, it can actually help to reach places that your toothbrush can not which is detrimental to oral health. Flossing is a sure fire way to reach deeply between each tooth and should be performed at least once a day.

#8 Utilize MouthWash

While mouthwash is not mandatory, it definitely helps your oral health. The only mouthwash you should be interested in using are ones that contain Listerine or Chlorine Dioxide as these two chemicals help in killing bad mouth bacteria. Not to mention, mouthwash will give you minty fresh breath! Utilizing mouthwash in addition to regularly brushing and flossing will cut down on what you spend at the dentist's office and help keep your oral hygiene in tip top shape.

#7 Sanitize Your Tongue

Sanitizing the surface of your tongue each and every day will ensure that you remove all of the bad bacteria that may form within your mouth. Bacteria forms on far more than just your teeth. Leaving bad bacteria on your tongue can contribute to bad breath and lead to further dental issues.

#6 Skip the Tobacco

Avoiding the utilization of Tobacco will be a true mouth saver. You will not only reduce your risk for mouth cancer by avoiding tobacco, you will also remove the risk of periodontal complications. Be aware that bad breath maskers like tea, coffee, or candies will only contribute to the damage currently be applied to your mouth from Tobacco. There is no win, win situation when it comes to the habit of using Tobacco.

#5 Limit Your Alcohol, Coffee, and Soda Intake

It is a little known fact that an over consumption of phosphorus can actually deplete your body of its calcium levels. While some of these beverages do contain phosphorus, the overindulgence of these beverages can contribute to dental hygiene issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Corn syrup as well as food dye, which is found heavily throughout these beverages, can additionally dull your teeth and in time cause them to yellow or brown. Instead, partake in beverages like milk and water that provide your body with nutrients and minerals that strengthen your tooth enamel allowing you to maintain an award winning smile.

#4 Take Your Vitamins

Calcium is a vitamin that your teeth and bones need. If your diet is not rich in calcium by itself them you may need to think about taking a calcium supplement to offset this deficiency. Vitamin D and Vitamin B are also a necessary requirement for maintaining healthy teeth and gums as they prevent your teeth from cracking and your gums for bleeding. For an overall healthy mouth you should consider taking Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Zinc, Copper, Potassium, and Iron.

#3 Don't Skip Dentist Visits

It is important to visit the dentist every six months for a full oral hygiene check up. This check up exam should include x-rays and a deep cleaning to help detect issues as well as prevent any future dental damage from occurring.

#2 Pay Attention to Your Mouth

If you have any signs of pain or ache in either your tooth or jaw make a dentist appointment immediately. You should never wait as worsening dental issues hold the potential to lead to advanced medical issues like diabetes and heart disease. Your dentist will always be able to correct underlying issues before they advance into larger problems if accessed at the time of onset.

#1 Overall Health

Taking care of your teeth is obviously a great method to avoiding cavities and toothaches. However, taking care of your oral hygiene is so much more than bad breath and cavities, as it is vital to your overall health. As mentioned above, tooth issues hold the power to lead to advanced medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and systemic infections. Straight and healthy teeth are not just for looks!